Apply for the TTP

Welcome to the Teacher Training Pathway (TTP). We are so glad you have shown interest in joining the community of Mindfulness Teachers currently training under the Mindfulness Network, Bangor University collaboration. Hopefully the pre-requisites below give you a clear understanding of what you need to come on board. If you feel you do not meet the pre-requisites for any reason, please contact so that we can support you in getting where you need to be. Otherwise, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as spaces become available. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

Pre-requisites for enrolling on the TTP:
• Completion of MBCT/MBSR course via eight weekly classes
• Developing a personal mindfulness practice of at least a 6 – 12 month period, post eight-week course
• Attendance on a mindfulness meditation retreat lasting 2-4 days minimum

Section 1: Your contact details and personal requirements

Forename: Surname:

E-mail address:
Do you have any special requirements to support you in your learning (e.g. braille, large print)?

Section 2:

Date you completed your 8 week group-based MBSR/MBCT course

Where was your 8 week group-based MBSR/MBCT and who was the teacher?

Where was your retreat and who was the teacher?

Section 3: Your progression details

Please indicate the dates that you completed the following with Bangor University. If you have not completed a stage, leave the date blank.
Level 1: Readiness to Teach

  • If you have already completed Part 1 of the TTP and received a Bangor University certificate, please provide the date you received this certificate.
  • Completion of Teacher Training Level 1 via Teacher Training Retreat 1 or Teacher Training Course 1
  • Supervised teaching of your first MBCT/MBSR 8 week course
  • 5 Day MBCT or MBSR specialist training
  • Further skills training 2 day workshop: Inquiry in Mindfulness Teaching
  • Attendance on 4-5 day silent teacher led retreat – with brief report of learning
  • Completion of written reflection
  • Bibliography of reading and resources
  • Supervisors report

  • Bangor University accepts the foundational mindfulness teacher training that is provided by Exeter, Oxford, Sussex and Massachusetts, USA university mindfulness centres as equivalencies to the Level 1 teacher training. If you have undertaken training with these providers please list them here:

    Level 2: Advanced Training

  • Teach a minimum of 3 supervised MBCT/MBSR courses
  • Complete Teacher Training Level 2 (TTR2)
  • Attend a 7-day silent, guided mindfulness meditation retreat, or equivalent.
  • Attend a 2 day workshop: Group Skills for Mindfulness teachers
  • Supervisors report
  • Retreat report
  • If you have already completed Part 2a of the TTP and received a Bangor University certificate, please provide the date you received this certificate.

    Is there anything else you could like to share with us in connection with this application?

    Please confirm that you agree to The Mindfulness Network and Bangor University sharing data on your TTP application and progress

    For new applicants, The Mindfulness Network will invoice you in due course for the registration fee of £150.