TTP Costs

Costs of the TTP for the 2018-2019 academic year

The rates listed below are approximate costs that will vary depending on how much of the TTP you have already completed. Specific training events will be listed on the Calendar page of our website and we recommend that you check exact costs before booking.

Initial registration fee to begin the TTP: £150.00

Costs for Part 1

Initial mentor sessions (2x 30 minutes) £50 (payment directly to mentor)
Ongoing mentors sessions (2 or 3 per year) Approximately £75 (payment directly to mentor)
Typically people will need 2-3 mentor sessions during Part 1.
Level 1 training (TTR1 or TTC1) £875 + accommodation
Five-day Specialist Training (MBSR or MBCT) £590 + accommodation
Two-day Workshop on Mindful inquiry £265
Supervision fees are paid directly to the supervisor and may therefore vary.

A guide to this is £25 per half an hour / £50 per hour

Minimum £300 per annum (based on half an hour supervision each month)
We recommend monthly supervision prior to and following from the first course you teach. While teaching your first course, we advise five 30-minute supervisory sessions.
Assessment and certificate for Part 1 £200
Approximate TOTAL cost of Part 1 £2080 + accommodation and supervision

Costs for Part 2A

Supervision over a minimum of 3 courses in line with the UK Network Good Practice Guidelines. £25 per half hour
Approximately £200-£300
Level 2 Training (TTR2) £870 + accommodation
Part 2A assessment and certificate £150
Two-day Workshop: Group Dynamics in Mindfulness-Based Teaching £280
Approximate TOTAL cost of Part 2A £1300 + accommodation and supervision

Costs for Part 2B: Mindfulness Teachers Professional Pathway (MTTP) module

Registration and completion of the module with Bangor University including:

  • Participation in online training on ethics and professional practice.
  • Tutorials with module organiser
  • Assessment of video recording of an eight-week course and reflective report
£860.00 (total cost)