TTP Community

By registering for the TTP you become a part of a community of trainees supporting one another by connecting online and at various training events and retreats. Connection with other teachers and practitioners is so useful as you train to teach. Peer support can be just as valuable as supervision in helping you to develop insight and to reflect on your experiences together. The support and mutual understanding peers can provide can help to remind you that you are not on this journey alone and can motivate you to turn towards the challenges. This page gives an overview of ways to connect in with the TTP Community.

TTP Forum and Facebook Page

The TTP forum is a great place for quick questions and to start threads of discussion useful to the whole community. CMRP Trainers and mentors periodically check in to the group and respond to posts and the TTP Lead and Coordinator are regularly available to contribute. To be added to the forum, please contact

Peer Partnerships

As mindfulness teachers and teacher in training we can often feel like we are alone in the challenges we face. All current and new TTP trainees can now be connected with a peer to share in the joys and challenges of being on the TTP in a on-to-one setting. If you would like to be partnered with a peer, please contact

Online Connect and Share Drop-ins

Once a month the TTP Lead and Coordinator will hold on online meeting to give the community a chance to connect, practice together and share in the joys and challenges of the TTP. Please use the links below to join in.

Thursday April 4th        12.30pm

Thursday May 2nd        12.30pm

Thursday June 6th        12.30pm

Thursday July 4th              12.30pm     

Thursday Sept 5th            12.30pm