Susannah Crump

I worked in the NHS Psychological services for 11 years until 2011, as a primary care counsellor and counselling supervisor. Since 2005, however I have taught mindfulness-based approaches and received my training through the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University. My work has included teaching MBCT/MBSR courses for NHS staff, patients in Primary Care in Northumberland and to the general public. I have also delivered mindfulness introductory workshops for NHS clinicians, Cognitive Therapy trainees, Clinical Psychology trainees and MA Counselling students.

I currently teach eight-week MBSR courses to the general public and via distance learning, and co-lead residential mindfulness retreats. In 2015, I joined the core training team at CMRP, training teachers of Mindfulness-based approaches via the CMRP CPPD programme. I also work as an independent integrative counsellor and counselling supervisor and my approach is deeply informed by my own mindfulness practice and teaching.