TTP Outline

The TTP is divided into three parts – Part 1, Part 2A and Part 2B. Completion of the previous level is a prerequisite for successful completion of the next level. All certificates will be issued by Bangor University.

We have provided a short summary of the three parts, but we highly recommend that you read the TTP Handbook, which provides greater detail.

Part 1: The Certificate of Readiness to Teach MBSR or MBCT

Part 1 training develops the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to begin to teach MBSR/MBCT with supervision. Ideally, you will teach your first course as an assistant to a more experienced teacher since this is the most supportive way for you to start. However, this isn’t always possible.

For the first one or two courses you are teaching, we recommend that you have weekly supervision. Supervision should begin before your classes start so that you can have some guidance with the participant assessment process, development of your teaching materials and recordings as well as week-by-week guidance through the course(s).

Following this, supervision should be as much as you need, but at least in line with the UK Mindfulness Teachers Level One Certificate. This is a certificate of readiness to begin to teach with supervision.

Part 2A: The Certificate of Advanced Training

Part 2A is an opportunity to develop experience and confidence in MBSR/MBCT teaching through: further training at level 2, supervised teaching, attendance on retreats, continuing personal practice and engagement with your supervisor. During Part 2A, you are expected to work with your supervisor to reflect on your readiness for teaching skills assessment.

Portfolio evidence of Part 2A (along with successful completion of Part 1) forms the entry requirement for Part 2B.

Part 2B: Module ‘Mindfulness Teachers Professional Pathway’ (MTPP) leading to the Certificate of Competency

When both you and your supervisor agree that you are ready, you will be invited to apply for the Mindfulness Teachers Professional Pathways (MTPP) module. This is a 15-credit module at Level 7 (postgraduate level).

Part 2B involves submitting a recording of your teaching for assessment via the Mindfulness-based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI:TAC). After successful completion, you will then receive your Certification of Competency.