Commissioned Teacher Training

Organisations who wish to commission Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) training events can now do so through the Mindfulness Network. We are pleased to work with partner organisations both in the UK and abroad to offer either the full Teacher Training Pathway or stand-alone continued professional and personal development (CPPD) events, which will be delivered by the core CMRP training team.

CMRP training can be delivered in house in a location and within a time frame that suits the needs of an organisation. We are also pleased work with international partners to deliver CMRP training abroad, increasing accessibility and reducing costs and air miles for non-UK residents.

If you would like to discuss commissioned CMRP teacher training through the Mindfulness Network, please contact Dr Sophie Sansom

Please scroll down to see our international partner organisations in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Iceland who have commissioned the TTP or stand-alone CPPD events from us.

International Teacher Training Pathway (ITTP)

Please scroll down to see the ITTP in Spain and Iceland.



In Iceland our respected partner Núvitundarsetrið currently offers the full Teacher Training Pathway (TTP) in English and hopes, in the longer term, to move towards delivering in Icelandic.

The vision of the Mindfulness Centre, Reykjavik  – Núvitundarsetrið – is to offer high-quality, mindfulness-based interventions to people of all age groups and from all parts of the community in order to enable them to live with awareness, wisdom and compassion. The organisation currently commissions the full Teacher Training Pathway (TTP) so it is possible to complete this teacher training route in full in Iceland

Our work involves offering mindfulness training to all sectors of society and we work collaboratively with various institutions of the government and in line with public health policy. Inspired by the UK All-Party Parliamentary report, we are involved in implementing mindfulness into the areas of education, health, the workplace and the criminal justice system. We take part in numerous research projects on mindfulness. We work collaboratively with mindfulness organisations worldwide and our aim is to support the professional standards and integrity of mindfulness training in Iceland.

For more information, please visit Núvitundarsetrið’s website at

Training events in Iceland:

18-19 May 2019
10-14 Jan 2020


It is currently possible to complete the full Teacher Training Pathway in Spanish in Spain through a collaboration with our partner organisation MBCT-Spain. We have been working with MBCT-Spain since 2015.

The purpose of MBCT-Spain is to develop the highest quality MBCT teaching and training in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. We seek to make the programme accessible within different settings and to promote the value of mindfulness for both professional institutions and society in general. To achieve this, we collaborate with the Asociación Española de Mindfulness (AEMind), a non-profit association focused on promoting research, practice and training in mindfulness from the perspective of scientific psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

We have four objectives, including:

  • to promote the MBCT program and make it accessible within different areas of application (including clinical, educational and workplace settings) and for the general population
  • to ensure the highest quality teaching, training and continued professional development
  • to collaborate with public institutions to make mindfulness-based cognitive therapy more accessible
  • to promote and disseminate scientific research

For more information,  about MBCT-Spain, please visit

Training events in Spain 2019

TTR2 – 20-27 August

Organisation: MBCT-Spain/AEMind
Where: Madrid
Language: Spanish
Trainers: Taravajra, Vanessa Hope, Estrella Fernández

ENQUIRY WORKSHOP – 19-20 October

Organisation: MBCT-Spain/AEMind
Where: Madrid
Language: Spanish
Trainers: Taravajra, Vanessa Hope, Estrella Fernández Link:

GROUP SEMINAR – 26-27 October

Organisation: MBCT-Spain/AEMind
Where: Madrid
Language: English (Spanish consecutive translation) Trainers: Trish Bartley

MBCT SPECIALIST – 4-8 December

Organisation: MBCT-Spain/AEMind
Where: Madrid
Language: English (Spanish consecutive translation) and Spanish
Trainers: Pamela Duckering, Estrella Fernández

Training events in Spain 2020

TTR1 – 3-10 April

Organisation: MBCT-Spain/AEMind
Where: Madrid
Language: Spanish
Trainers: Taravajra, Estrella Fernández

International Stand-Alone CPPD Events

International organisations that currently deliver CMRP stand-alone training events taught by the core CMRP training team can be found below, along with links to their websites and booking process.


Portuguese Society of Meditation /Mindfulness Institute

Founded in 2013, Portuguese Society of Meditation /Mindfulness Institute (SPM-MI) is a nonprofit organisation born in the spirit of people who have personally experienced the benefits of meditation and contemplative practices, especially mindfulness. The organisation has as a mission to guide anyone who is interested in living a more mindful and therefore happier life, through the practice of mindfulness and other mind-body approaches.


Simple (Swiss Institute of Mindfulness)
Simple delivers high-quality mindfulness trainings to empower groups and individuals towards positive personal and socio-ecological change. Founded in 2017, Simple’s activities unfold in three overlapping circles:
  • community building
  • personal growth
  • care for the earth

In line with Simple’s eco-social engagement, the revenue, if any, from this training, will be distributed by three organisations:

  • Centre Otium, a centre in Geneva that supports people with cancer
  • Baobab Books, a children’s book editor which promotes cultural inclusivity, diversity and tolerance
  • PublicEye, a Swiss based organisation that strives to bring light to injustice and to influence laws to protect human rights
  • and earth rights
The course fee for the following stand-alone course is a sliding scale in order to allow people from all backgrounds to access high-quality training and develop professional excellence:
Two-day Inquiry Workshop (delivered in English)
Dates: 12th-13th October 2019
Trainer: Karunavira
Venue: La Dependence, Grand-Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland
Registration and details: from 1st of July 2019, visit the Simple website at or email