The Mindfulness Network and Bangor University – as part of a new collaborative venture – are proud to offer the long-established, internationally recognised programme of Teacher Training from Bangor University’s Centre of Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP). The Teacher Training Pathway (TTP) and the stand-alone courses, now listed on this website, are those developed by CMRP. They are the same high-quality courses that until August 2018 could be accessed via the CMRP/Bangor University website. The Masters in Mindfulness course, though, can still be found on the CMRP website.

High standards are at the heart of all our Teacher Training and our goal is to equip you to teach mindfulness in line with UK Good Practice Guidelines. All of our trainers are senior mindfulness practitioners and teachers from CMRP. Bangor University is the issuing body for the final certificate of Competency to Teach awarded to trainee teachers. Bangor University will oversee quality assurance together with The Mindfulness Network.

This website will tell you all you need to know about the Teacher Training programme. There are three training routes you may wish to consider:

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